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Patons Taxis, part of the John Paton Group, are a long-established UK taxi supplier offering the cab trade great deals on Britain’s most popular taxis.

New taxi sales: taxis in the the TW Automotive TW200 and LTI TXII ranges offer a great blend of passenger comfort and safety, are wheelchair accessible, reliable and economic to run.

Used taxi sales: Used cabs from Patons come at prices to suit every budget, from trade cabs to cabs guaranteed through local authority test, to superior quality Premier Used Cabs. The big range takes in many makes and model of taxi cabs and vans: TXI and TXII, TW200, Fiat Doblo, Fiat Eurobus and Peugeot Eurobus.

A full service department backs up all taxi sales – highly trained staff operate our fully equipped taxi workshop and bodyshop to efficiently handle all taxi servicing and repairs. Try Patons for a taxi accessory, taxi spares, and through Cygnus Automotive, provide the latest in taximeters, taxi security and CCTV systems.

With branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley, Coventry and Bristol, Patons are ideally placed to serve taxi drivers across the UK. Patons is one of the leading taxi insurance specialists and provides competitive premiums and great service to taxi and private hire drivers.

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